The beautiful Ionian island Lefkada is located on the west coastline of Greece. The other well known name of the island is Lefkas, which means ‘white’ in Greek language. It is one of the most popular Ionian destinations, full of amazing beaches with turquoise waters, monasteries, museums and seafront or mountainous villages.

Lefkada is a special one among the greek islands, because it can be accessed very easy by a floating bridge.

Thanks to its landscape and the beaches, Lefkada is known as the “Caribbean of Greece”!



Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town is the capital of the island located at its northeastern side. It is the centre of Lefkada and has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture and tourism. The capital is a small town that lies around the natural harbour. It is surrounded by the sea and the town affords stunning waterfront locations for a large proportion of its many bars, cafés and restaurants. The marina, situated to the southeast of the city centre and it is the most modern and certainly one of the most beautiful marinas in the whole of Greece, with a mooring capacity for over 620 boats. 


Vassiliki is a picturesque fishing harbour, quite popular among tourists and Greek travelers. The village lies around the natural bay. Its picturesque port is very much in action during the summer season accommodating a great number of tourists every year to the neighbour islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia as well as the nearby beaches that can only be accessed by boat.

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful village located 14 km west of Lefkada Town. The village of Agios Nikitas nestles around the bay and is built amphitheatrically in a beautiful area full of olive groves and an enchanting landscape. The lush green and the white rocks coexist peacefully in this amazing village. Agios Nikitas has been recognized as a traditional settlement, its unique architecture adorns the houses and the small hotel units that you will find around the area.


Nidri is the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada located at a distance of 17 km south of the main town. The lovely settlement that lies around the natural bay has the best tourist infrastructure including a plethora of modern amenities like taverns, restaurants and various accommodations to choose from. Surrounded by a vast green area with trees and lush vegetation, Nidri is a great choice for fun-filled holidays, especially for the families. The main street runs full of cafes, bars and tourist shops.


The Castle of Agia Mavra

In the year 1204 the island of Lefkada was an integral part of the dominion of Hepiros. Lefkada was captured by the French and was bestowed as a gift to John who was at that time the Count of Orsini. With the passage of time, he built the foundations of the Aghia Mavra Castle, which can still be seen standing upright at the island’s entrance. The castle of Agia Mavra an excellent example of fortress architecture. In the medieval period, the entire neighborhood was named Castle of Agia Mavra and historians believe that for quite some time the name was used to indicate the whole of Lefkada island.

Dimossari Waterfalls of Nydri

Lefkada has abundant storage of underground water which is one of the principal reasons why a major part of the island is lush with greenery. The high mountains that abound in Lefkada are the sources for many waterfalls that cascade through the mountainous terrain. One such gorgeous cascading waterfall is the Dimossari waterfall that can be found on the outskirts of Nydri. The name Dimossari has derived from the word Dimos, which used to be the ancient state where numerous watermills were found. 

The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni 

The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni is the most important religious center on the island of Lefkada. Located on a hill above the Town, this monastery gives gorgeous view to the capital village, the northern side of the island and the opposite coasts of the mainland. It is situated in the region of Frini and it is the saint protector of the island. According to the tradition, the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni was originally built in 1634 on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting.

The Lighthouse 

The Lighthouse of Lefkas is ideally located in Cape Ducato, which is down south of the island of Lefkada. This lighthouse was built in 1913. It is one of the most preferred scuba diving spots in Lefkada.

The church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis 

The small chapel of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis is built literally into a rock, above Agios Ioannis beach. This small whitewashed chapel, it is the oldest church of Lefkada dates back to the 16th century and it was built by Franks on the site of an ancient church.


Porto Katsiki 

Porto Katsiki is one of the main attractions of Lefkada and among the top beaches in Greece. It is located 44 km southwest of the island’s capital. The beauty of Porto Katsiki offers one of the most impressive themes that Lefkada is famous for. Abrupt white cliffs form a wild yet magnificent backdrop and a unique antithesis with the deep blue waters of the Ionian. 


Egremni is a beautiful beach situated 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town. This sandy beach is surrounded by impressive barren cliffs that create a magnificent backdrop. The unique beauty has made it one of the most photographed landscapes. The white sand and crystal clear waters create an exotic landscape.


Kathisma is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada located 17 km southeast of the main town, close to the village of Agios Nikitas. One of the longest beaches of Lefkada with white sand and sparkling waters of amazing turquoise color. The beach is surrounded by an idyllic mountain backdrop which offers a feeling of total isolation.


Mylos is a wonderful beach located 14.5 km southwest of Lefkada Town, between the coasts of Agios Nikitas and Kathisma. Mylos beach is characterized by its unspoilt environment and beautiful features. Surrounded by the streep green cliffs that offers an imposing backdrop, the area is totally secluded and ideal for relaxing and peaceful momets.


Vassiliki is a picturesque fishing village located 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town. It lies around the beautiful bay, a long pebbled beach famous for its perfect windsurfing and sailing conditions.

Agios Ioannis 

Agios Ioannis beach is the closest beach to Lefkada Town separated only by a couple of kilometres. The long beach stretches for many metres and it is surrounded by golden sand and blue green waters.The area boasts an exotic landscape. 


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