Lefkada Islands

The beautiful Ionian island Lefkada is located on the west coastline of Greece. The other well known name of the island is Lefkas, which means ‘white’ in Greek language. It is one of the most popular Ionian destinations, full of amazing beaches with turquoise waters, monasteries, museums and seafront or mountainous villages.

Lefkada is a special one among the greek islands, because it can be accessed very easy by a floating bridge.
Thanks to its landscape, the beaches, and islets, Lefkada is known as the “Caribbean of Greece”!

Lefkada town

Tthe capital of the island located at its northeastern side. It is the centre of Lefkada and has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture and tourism. The capital is a small town that lies around the natural harbour. It is surrounded by the sea and the town affords stunning waterfront locations for a large proportion of its many bars, cafés and restaurants. The marina, situated to the southeast of the city centre and it is the most modern and certainly one of the most beautiful marinas in the whole of Greece, with a mooring capacity for over 620 boats. 

Lefkada town beaches

1. Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach is the closest beach to Lefkada Town separated only by a couple of kilometres. The long beach stretches for many metres and it is surrounded by golden sand and blue green waters.The area boasts an exotic landscape.

2. Gyra beach

or Gira, is the name of the long and narrow beach strip which have formed in front of the lagoons of Lefkada Town. It is an extension of Agios Ioannis beach, popular among kitesurfers. Gyra stretches for a few kilometers along the asphalt road and ends near the castle of Agia Mavra to the east.

3. Kastro beach & Ammoglossa

Kastro Beach is found in the north of Lefkada, near the bridge linking the island to mainland Greece. Loaning its’ name from the Agia Mavra Fortress ( “Kastro” in Greek) just across. With its sheltered calm waters and coarse golden sands, it’s an excellent spot for families and those looking for a relaxing spot for sea gazing. Young kids should be watched closely though, as the water gets deep quickly. On the far east section of Kastro, the shore widens into a lovely sandspit called Ammoglossa (Greek for sand tongue) for its tongue-like shape.

Lefkada town highlights

1. The Castle of Agia Mavra

In the year 1204 the island of Lefkada was an integral part of the dominion of Hepiros. Lefkada was captured by the French and was bestowed as a gift to John who was at that time the Count of Orsini. With the passage of time, he built the foundations of the Aghia Mavra Castle, which can still be seen standing upright at the island’s entrance. The castle of Agia Mavra an excellent example of fortress architecture. In the medieval period, the entire neighborhood was named Castle of Agia Mavra and historians believe that for quite some time the name was used to indicate the whole of Lefkada island.

2. The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

The most important religious center on the island of Lefkada. Located on a hill above the Town, this monastery gives gorgeous view to the capital village, the northern side of the island and the opposite coasts of the mainland. It is situated in the region of Frini and it is the saint protector of the island. According to the tradition, the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni was originally built in 1634 on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting.

2. Agios Ioannis Antzoussis

The small chapel of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis is built literally into a rock, above Agios Ioannis beach. This small whitewashed chapel, it is the oldest church of Lefkada dates back to the 16th century and it was built by Franks on the site of an ancient church.

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful village located 14 km west of Lefkada Town. The village of Agios Nikitas nestles around the bay and is built amphitheatrically in a beautiful area full of olive groves and an enchanting landscape. The lush green and the white rocks coexist peacefully in this amazing village. Agios Nikitas has been recognized as a traditional settlement, its unique architecture adorns the houses and the small hotel units that you will find around the area.

Agios Nikitas beaches

1. Agios Nikitas beach

Agios Nikitas Beach is ideal if you want to indulge in a bit of local culture and cuisine along with your beach time. Set within the Agios Nikitas fishing village, this picturesque little beach is within easy walking distance to the village’s restaurants, bars and hotels.
One could easily spend a day here just relaxing on the sands, before slipping into a sea-view taverna for a fresh seafood meal.

2. Milos Beach

A lovely stretch of sand between 2 headlands just south of Agios Nikitas village. To get there, there’s a walking path from the village that takes about 25 minutes with beautiful views (and steep sections!) to enjoy along the way. Water taxi services, which depart hourly from Agios Nikitas beach, are available in late June, July, August and September.
While no commercial activity is allowed on the beach, but – somewhat controversially – there are some sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. Those planning to spend the day here are advised to bring their own food and water.

3. Kathisma

Kathisma Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand along the west coast. While most will want to just relax on the beach and take in the sea views, the beach is also great for sports activities, including paragliding and volleyball.
Kathisma has earned a reputation for being a party beach, with a cluster of beachfront bars and restaurants offering lively spots to enjoy sunset views. Parking is available near the beach, but it’s sometimes difficult to find a spot during the busy summer months. Taking a bus from Lefkas town or Agios Nikitas village is a good alternative.

4. Pefkoulia Beach

Pefkoulia is a wide open sandy beach that gives way to the clear, almost luminous blue-green waters of the Ionian sea. It is situated on the west coast about 10 kilometers southwest of Lefkada Town, near the village of Agios Nikitas. It is definitely one of the biggest beaches on Lefkada and also considered to be one of the best beaches on the island. Pefkoulia is a popular spot for visitors, so it can become crowded. It is easy to access, and there are plenty of activities on offer. You can rent parasols and loungers on the beach if all you want to do is kick back and gaze out at the sea in all colours of blue.

5. Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra translates as “big rock”, and when you arrive here you will understand how this beach got its name! It is a pebbly beach with a number of huge rocks dotted along the shore. Just down the coast from Kalamitsi you will find the same bluish green water which forms pools around the giant rocks on this wild beach.
The spot is backed by cliffs, with rolling green hills leading to the villages beyond. If you are looking for a more natural, wilder side of Lefkada, you should definitely visit this beach. Just be sure to take care if you take a dip because the beach shelves quickly and the sea can be quite rough at this spot.

6. Kavalikefta beach

Kavalikefta Beach has an otherworldly beauty with its light blue water and large rocks strewn along the shoreline. Located on the west coast of Lefkada, the beach lies at the end of a narrow winding road that’s a bit of a challenge to navigate in a car. Parking is available but limited, so be sure to get there in the early morning to have a chance of finding a spot. Swimming, sunbathing and watching waves crash against the rocks are the main activities here. There are plenty of rental sun loungers and umbrellas lining the sands.


Nidri is the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada located at a distance of 17 km south of the main town. The lovely settlement that lies around the natural bay has the best tourist infrastructure including a plethora of modern amenities like taverns, restaurants and various accommodations to choose from. Surrounded by a vast green area with trees and lush vegetation, Nidri is a great choice for fun-filled holidays, especially for the families. The main street runs full of cafes, bars and tourist shops.

Nidri beaches

1. Nidri beach

Nidri Beach is located on the north side of the popular resort village of the same name. You can follow a path from the town down to the beach, where you will see a busy beach with plenty of amenities and things to do. The sea here is shallow and very warm, although the sea bed is coarse sand and pebble. If you have small children, they will love swimming in this beautiful bay because it is generally very safe being quite sheltered.
The hills and landscape beyond are green and envelop this beach giving it something of a feel of a tropical beach. You can engage in many watersports, including parasailing, riding a donut or a banana, wakeboarding, and so much more. There are parasols and lounge chairs for rent, or you can find a shady spot under a tree on the sand.

2. Desimi beach

Situated on the eastern side of the Geni peninsula, roughly 6 kilometres from Nidri, Desimi beach is easily accessible by car. It boasts free parking alongside the beach amid olive groves, with the beach reached by walking through one of Desimi’s two campsites. Visitors will also find a couple of tavernas here, though there are no sunbeds or umbrellas to rent.
Reflecting some of the colour of the olive trees that surround it, the shallow waters of the bay in which Desimi Beach sits emit an emerald-like iridescence. Protected from strong winds and waves, it is a good place to cool off. Explorations slightly further afield and around the local coastline and caves can be done by hiring a boat, pedalo or kayak.
Offering views towards the neighbouring islands of Meganisi and uninhabited Thilia, this long and narrow stretch of beach has its fair share of pebbles. This doesn’t prevent it getting crowded during the height of the holiday season, when it is recommended to arrive early to find the perfect area in the sun or amid the natural shade of the olives.

3. Mikros Gialos beach

Mikros Gialos means “small bay”, and that quite accurately describes the beach here. If you are looking for a quiet spot for a peaceful holiday, this could be the place for you. The bay is surrounded by undulating green hills and has white sand with clear, calm seas. The beach is considered part of the nearby village of Poros, which is around four kilometers away from the island’s main road and 15 km from Nidri.
Mikros Gialos has largely escaped development,  but has enough cafes along the beachfront to suit most tastes. People come here to relax and enjoy the scenery although the calm clear waters are particularly inviting. Take a dip, put on your snorkel and mask, or maybe just rent a sun lounger and a parasol to enjoy this quiet spot.
If you want something to do in the evening, Sivota is nearby, and it has a more active nightlife. However, if you are looking to unwind in the tranquil beauty of a bay, this is the spot for you. Whatever you may desire, this beach is worth a visit because it has stunning views of the landscape and the mountains in neighboring bays, and the water is so calm that it is like a lake.

Nidri highlights

1. Dimosari waterfalls

Lefkada has abundant storage of underground water which is one of the principal reasons why a major part of the island is lush with greenery. The high mountains that abound in Lefkada are the sources for many waterfalls that cascade through the mountainous terrain. One such gorgeous cascading waterfall is the Dimossari waterfall that can be found on the outskirts of Nydri. The name Dimossari has derived from the word Dimos, which used to be the ancient state where numerous watermills were found.


Vasiliki is a picturesque fishing harbour, ans second most popular beach resort of the island. The village lies around a natural bay. Its picturesque port is very much in action during the summer season accommodating a great number of tourists every year to the neighbour islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia as well as the nearby beaches that can only be accessed by boat.

Vasiliki beaches

1. Vasiliki or Ponti beach

Vasiliki beach, also known as Ponti beach, is already spectacular with its white pebbly sand and shimmering blue waters, but there are extra flashes of colour to enjoy with the sight of dozens of windsurfers zooming around offshore. The bay is wide and sheltered, and together with its brisk afternoon wind, it offers ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing. Windsurf rentals and lessons are available at the beach.

2. Porto Katsiki beach

World famous Porto Katsiki lies about 40 km southwest of Lefkada Town and 15 km from Vasiliki, but its stunning setting of sparkling sands backed by sheer white cliffs make it well worth the trip. Getting to the beach is a bit of an adventure, first requiring a drive along narrow mountain roads to reach the car park at the top of the cliffs, then a walk down 80 steep steps. It’s also possible to get here by hiring a boat taxi from the nearby villages of Nidri or Vasiliki.
Porto Katsiki is a sunbather’s heaven, with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. During summer, head there in the morning to avoid the crowds.

3. Egremni beach

There is little doubt that Egremni beach is one of the finest on the island of Lefkada, which by default makes it one of the best in Greece. It is a beautiful spot with the long white sand beach backed by high limestone cliffs. However, it is the water colour that sets Egremni apart, a fantastic milky blue yet crystal clear. The 325 steps down to the beach don’t seem to have put too many people off as this is a popular beach and the facilities are good. That said, it is a big enough beach that you can still find some peace towards the northern end if you so desire.


4. Gialos beach

Gialos Beach is a quiet beach found near Athani village on the island’s southwest coast. Found about 18 kilometres from Vasiliki, the road leading to Gialos beach is bendy and narrow so take care while driving here. For most of the year the beach is completely free of commercial activity except in summer when a there’s a small cantina set up near the parking area.
For those who like to swim and relax in peace, Gialos Beach is an ideal spot. The shoreline is pebbly and rocky in places so bring along some sandals or water shoes to more safely explore the beach on foot.

5. Agiofili beach

Not far from the village of Vasiliki, Agiofili is a charming little beach with crystal clear waters and soft white sand. Surrounded by steep, rugged cliffs covered in greenery, this sheltered cove is reputed to have some of the clearest waters and plentiful schools of fish on Lefkada. This makes it a great spot for snorkelling, or just taking a dip in the calm blue Ionian waters. And when you relax in this peaceful little hidden gem, you will feel at one with the serene beauty of nature. Agiofili is near the southern tip of the island, and relatively easy to reach by car.  You can also take a boat from Vasiliki or rent a car fairly inexpensively. However, there is actually a trekking path that connects Vasiliki to Agiofili if you are up for a walk through some stunning coastal scenery.
If you are looking for a secluded beach with the clearest waters in Lefkada, this is your destination. The views are fantastic, and you will lose yourself in the magnificent beauty of this special spot. Relax on the sandy beach and feel the warm sun as you look out over the clear blue water.

Vasiliki highlights

1. Ducato Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Lefkas is located in sourthernmost Cape Ducato. Once the ancient temple of Apollo, this lighthouse was built from the original stone remnants of antiquity in 1913. Aparently this is the site where the lyric poet Sapfo committed suicide. Interseting fact is that the name of Lefkada island originates from the white colour of the rocks, described also in Homer’s epic, of this specific area.

Meganisi island

Meganisi is a picturesque island of the Ionian sea, 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada. It is the largest island of the Lefkadian island complex (Skorpios, Thilia, Kythros and more), composing the administrative district of the Municipality of Meganissi (Taphion), called Tilevoides.  Meganisi belongs to the province of Lefkada and has three scenic villages with unique beauties: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori which consist the main settlements and are located in the northern part of the island, which is the most favored and the most fertile. There is regular public transport from Nydri 16 km south of Lefkada along the eastern coastal zone.

Meganisi beaches

1. Fanari beach

Fanari Beach is definitely worth a visit if you’re staying on Meganisi. Crystal clear sea and a white gravelly beach really gives this place a Caribbean feel. The beach is lovely and the water beautiful and clear. The beach itself is in a sheltered inlet and therefore good for swimming. Also, very good for snorkeling with loads of smaller fish and some larger around. The sea does slope quite quickly and the unwary could be caught out. So, if you have young children and/or non-swimmers in your party just be careful.
Fanari beach is a stunning place with facilities for enjoying the water and the sun and with a good selection of food and drinks available. Not to mention the stunning view. This is a very popular beach and therefore can get extremely busy. Fanari beach is located on the North side of Meganisi, just a short drive out of Vathi. Great place to chill out and relax, eat, drink, swim and sunbathe. Also, a great place to watch the sun go down.

2. Spilia beach

Spilia is a peaceful beach in a pretty bay near Spartochori. It offers everything for a relaxing day on the beach: calm and crystal-clear water, natural shade and a couple of bars and tavernas offering drinks and fresh cooked meals. Sun loungers are also available for hire. The pebbled beach is not usually crowded even during the high season. Katochori is 5 km away and the beach can be accessed easily, either on foot from Spartochori or by car from other parts of the island. At the end of the road, there is a car park for quite a number of vehicles.

3. Porto Elia beach

Elia Beach is located on the eastern side of the island and you arrive there passing through the narrow streets in the village of Katomeri. It is a quiet beach, not organized, so it is a good idea to have a cooler with necessary refreshments and snacks. Outside it has pebbles, which continues for a while when you enter the sea, then becomes more rocky.

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