Esiness Travel at Grekland Panorama 2016

Esiness Travel at Grekland Panorama 2016

The Grekland Panorama Exhibition, taking place in Stockholm Sweden, opened its’ doors to the general public with great interest for Lefkada.

The only showcase presenting Lefkada islands and the surrounding area, was that of Esiness Travel Services LTD in close cooperation with San Nicolas Boutique Hotel.

It is expected that the 2016 fair ground attendance will overcome 11000 potential customers.

The only other attendance from the Ionian Islands was in favour of Kefalonia, and Parga which shares the Preveza/Lefkas Airport.

Finally we extend our appreciation to Fagotto Books and the Region of the Ionian Islands for their support by supplying additional information pamphlets for distrubution to our showcases’ customers.

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