A New Flight from Salzburg to Preveza

Flight from Salzburg to Preveza Lefkada Esiness Travel

February 18, 2022

Esiness Destination Management Company has a long-standing reputation of investing in innovations and development with special attention to the local market.

Our priority is to maintain successful cooperation with our suppliers and partners and to help them achieve maximum potential. Through over 17 years of experience, we follow up-to-date solutions and implement modern strategies.

Because of that, Esiness Travel plays a key role in expanding the market and supporting Lefkada, Parga and the Ionian coast on the path to success.

Based on these principles, we were able to create a holiday package that stands out by its quality and impact.


Because of our extensive holiday package, a new flight connection has been organized and added to the flight schedule.

We are happy to announce a new direct flight: Preveza/Lefkada Airport – Salzburg by Rhomberg Reisen.

Whether an adventure, browsing through the bars or getting away for a quiet break, flights from Salzburg to Preveza make it all possible. This is an easy and very comfortable way to reach the famous turquoise water.

The wonders of Lefkada, Parga and the Ionian coast are only a plane trip away, and Esiness Travel is ready to accommodate all traveler’s needs.

Flight from Salzburg to Preveza Esiness Travel

The flight schedule:

From Salzburg to Preveza/Lefkada:

Flight number: 6I7960 SZG-PVK

Every Thursday 09:30-12:30

From Preveza/Lefkada to Salzburg:

Flight number: 6I7961 PVK-SZG

Every Thursday 13:00-14:00

The flight schedule is valid for the period

from 19.05.2022. to 13.10.2022.

For reservations, contact Esiness Travel, or visit the Rhomberg Reisen website here

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