In a demanding and extremely competitive market, ensuring a stable and profitable position of a hotel or small accommodation business can be complex.

When running a hospitality business, the best strategy is to honestly evaluate your team’s capabilities and limitations. If there are obvious gaps in the skill sets of your team or there is a need for a faster revenue turnover, an efficient decision is to hire a trustworthy hospitality consultant. Projects that can make a significant impact and transformation of your business, require the specialized expertise of consultants who can provide substantial value to your business.


What hospitality consultants do?


Consultants can help you overcome complex challenges without unnecessary stress, so you can focus on offering an even better customer service. They can help you achieve your goals faster and have more cost-effective results than you may be able to do on your own. Often, external support and focus by the consultant can accelerate the transformation that you need.

Our focus is on family hotels and small accommodation owners

Utilizing our extensive experience from the purchasing point of view, Esiness Travel will guide you on the correct path towards creating a successful hospitality business. Our focus is on identifying the potentials and opportunities of your establishment and maximizing their realization.

Best hospitality consulting firms


Hospitality consultants must meet all the challenges of economic conditions, consumer trends, and competition. With that in mind, Esiness Destination Management Company is ready to help you enhance and optimize your profit and property’s value.


Driven by the unique character of each establishment, our dedicated consultancy team performs the important part of giving advice and designing an improvement plan to fill the gaps between current and desired situations of your business.

What our hospitality consulting services include:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Hotel technology consulting
  • Hospitality management consulting
  • Hospitality recruitment consulting
  • Hotel development consulting
  • Hotel advisory services
  • Financial advisory services
  • Hospitality marketing consulting
  • Hospitality sales consulting and distribution
  • Contract management and consultation

Esiness DMC offers tailor-made options and solutions for hotels and small accommodation owners.  We focus on efficiently providing professional support while maintaining a high level of quality service. Therefore, all resources you need to elevate the profitability of your asset can be found in one place, where our devoted team will meet all your requirements.

Hospitality sales consulting and distribution lefkada parga esiness travel

Hospitality sales consulting and distribution


With the goal to improve the profitability and overall health of your property, we will discuss, develop, and present a full financial, marketing, and sales analysis. This can be paired with our extensive network of strategic partners to maximize the performance of your business, responsibly and with quality.

Esiness Travel clients have access to comprehensive resources that will help them navigate all aspects of the development plan. This means maximizing direct sales and revenue optimization by using targeted channels, both online and offline.


Financial Advisory services

Hospitality finance consultants at Esiness Travel provide expertise in building financial models for family hotels and small accommodation owners and creating a new development plan. Our consultants have years of experience working in hospitality and have degrees in the tourism industry.

What is yield management? 

The pricing strategy is based on anticipating, understanding, and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue from advertising inventory and hotel room reservations.

Revenue management has a wider focus, not only on revenue yield from occupancy. It considers the sales volume, selling price, and all the other revenue sources within your hotel, such as wellness centers, food and beverage outlets, and other amenities. It involves predicting consumer behavior and optimizing your services’ prices and availability. As a result, it helps you boost your hotel’s overall revenue growth.

Revenue management consultants do planning for the year ahead, but they also do daily revenue management activities, setting a pricing strategy, developing a distribution and channel plan, and reporting on revenue performance.

Hotel technology consulting

Technology consultants guide you towards the ideal software solution, helping you to secure the position of your establishment in the market. Esiness Travel provides a custom-made system, unique in Lefkada, Parga, and the Ionian coast. The software will bring your hotel or accommodation visible to thousands of travel agents and tour operators. This is a stable and secure B2B system that creates an opportunity to maximize your revenue.

Hotel technology consulting hospitality-marketing-consulting lefkada parga esiness travel

Hospitality Marketing consulting

Is marketing consulting really important in the hospitality industry?

Marketing your business plays a crucial role in helping you maximize bookings and revenue. It is the most efficient way to reach out to potential customers. This service is often combined with a holistic revenue management strategy. Our hospitality marketing consultant creates a strategy built around an individual property’s goals. It is accompanied by a system that is supported by the biggest brands worldwide and ensures a stable distribution of your service. As a result, your establishment’s unique selling proposition and brand values are noticeable and improved in the market.

Contract management and consultation lefkada parga esiness travel

Contract management and consultation

Our goal is to provide everything that hotel owners need. Therefore, we use our direct cooperation with tour operators, as a powerful support to hoteliers in achieving secure contracting. We help hoteliers to distribute their products and to obtain better rates by establishing systems and managing their contracts.

Contract Management by Esiness Travel is designed to increase profitability, productivity, and efficiency, while at the same time decreasing risks. These are the benefits and advantages all businesses need.

Having discussed your specific needs and requirements, we then implement a perfectly balanced strategy to help your business on the path to success.

Because of a significant benefit from our hospitality consultancy and support, most of our clients are long-term.

Esiness Travel the biggest goal is to nurture clients’ trust, therefore our team is composed of responsible, high-achieving, ambitious people that offer a distinctive quality of service.

Esiness Travel Services implies certified impeccable quality standards to elevate productivity and profitability.

The success in achieving ISO 9001:2015 accreditation represents our continued commitment to improving and producing high-quality services for all our clients.

Hotel Advisory services

By engaging Esiness Travel white-label management model, property owners are able to maintain their name and individuality while we provide them with bespoke and tailor-made solutions adapted to their location, market, and individual needs. The experience of over 17 years in the travel industry is our foundation in designing the best solution for your business.


Full Hotel Management contracts

Absentee landlords, investors, and those individuals who do not wish to get directly involved in the hotel business as active owners, find it efficient to use the benefits of full management contracts. The contract is based on international practice where the owner of the asset assigns full responsibility for the management and administration of that asset to Esiness DMC. According to specified terms negotiated with the owner, Esiness Travel runs the hotel, on behalf of the owner.

Often, the two parties agree on an annual business plan and budget, and from that point onwards, Esiness Travel DMC is responsible for every aspect of the hotel business. We take on responsibility for taking care of the day-to-day activities of the establishment, providing amenities in the asset, and ensuring that the investor’s money is utilized for the development of the property. A full management contract may involve management techniques that apply to asset administration, personnel management, technical support, marketing, maintenance, housekeeping, and catering.


Hotel operations management

To the owner of a small accommodation or a hotel, can be too demanding to manage each aspect of running a business without overlooking some detail. Therefore, our support team is devoted to processing all reservations, bookings, and management services, so your business can run smoothly. Because we believe in the development of a local market, we give knowledge and assistance in all technicalities, allowing you to focus on customer service optimization.

About hotel management services

Esiness Travel is committed to taking every detail into consideration during creating a hotel management plan. Our advisors dedicate a great deal of time to optimizing hotel operations and solving complex challenges that are affecting the performance and profitability of your business. This is followed by a significant improvement in the profitability and overall health of your property.

The hotel management contract is your great asset

Projects that hotel management consultants take on include developing growth strategies, increasing staff productivity, and developing operational plans to decrease costs and boost profitability.

Regardless of size and the region, there are a few things all businesses have in common. They all operate based on a foundation of contracts.

What is a hotel asset management contract?

A hotel management contract is an agreement between a management company (or an operator), and a property owner, whereby the operator assumes responsibility for managing the property by providing supervision, direction, and expertise through established procedures and methods.

hotel asset management contract terms-hotel management-contract-lefkada-parga-esiness-travel

How to negotiate the terms of a hotel management contract?

The terms of negotiating a hotel management contract should not be handled lightly, as it can characterize the property’s identity for decades. For the owner, the major goal should be to choose the management operator that will maximize the profitability and value of the asset. A well-negotiated management agreement should align with the interests of both parties. When negotiating the contract, our main intention is to avoid uncertainty and to strengthen the clarity and trust in order to maximize each party’s return. This is critical to ensuring that responsibilities and best practices are met, and the business is running successfully. With that in mind, our team is approaching the maximum liability to fully follow the hotel management contract. Esiness Travel respects and values each client. We are dedicated to achieving maximum results and client satisfaction. Because of that, the network and the trust of our partners and clients are constantly growing.

benefits of hotel management consultancy services lefkada parga esiness travel

What are the 7 benefits of hotel management consultancy services?

1. The accommodation management company can complete a wide range of tasks, according to your specific needs. The important factor behind the success of any hospitality business is human resources. In recruiting and training the best staff, the hotel management agreement plays a very important role in this aspect.

2. Using contract management company services can give accommodation and small hotel owners more time to focus on growing their business instead of spending time on daily operational tasks.

3. A hotel management company can help business owners manage more than one business.

4. Hospitality management contracts typically have a high degree of efficiency and profitability.

5. A hotel management company has expertise in working with many companies and can use that network as a powerful tool in supporting your business.

6. Owners can be assured that their business is growing and achieving set targets no matter of current circumstances present on the market.

7. Esiness Travel hotel management services allow accommodation owners to run their business with less stress and reach their goals in a more cost-effective way.

Transfers to & from all destinations

Esiness Travel offers a wide selection of private or shared transfers throughout the region and in all resorts and marinas.

ISO 9001-2015 certified procedures guarantee a safe, quality service, provided by a fleet of state of the art vehicles.

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The largest available single portfolio of direct contracted hotels for Lefkada, Parga, Epirus and the Ionian Coast.

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Hotel consultancy & management services

Our experience and broad network ensures market knowledge, insights and expertise, available to our client hoteliers.

Family hotels and small accommodation owners supported with a management system that fits their individual needs.